I need you to be a voice of positive & warmth & love

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I need a steady person who will not yell & scream @ me or call me names or attack my character & blame me for all of my health issues & only be there for particular health stuff & not others.


I want petty fights about mundane things and screaming at each other and slamming doors, brightening up your dark days and you love me all the same

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I chose this photo because she is very special to me. Her name is Bianca and she is my best friend. I took many pictures and i picked this because she’s been there for me through everything and by typing these i can show and appreciate her in so many ways.


A lot of the inner turmoil for me occurs when I think that what I want is going against what somebody else wants, or even what somebody else wants for me

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This other thing i’ve been struggling with is sharing about my new project with my family and friends. I so want to tell them, so that I can celebrate with them and share my happiness and excitement with them, but I’m scared that their opinions or “feedback” or suggestions will get in the way of my creative process and doing what I really want to do — the thought in my head of “what will ______ say?” Stops me from living my authentic truth, unapologetically, because what if someone doesn’t love or accept me for it?


If you rely on someone else for your happiness, if they leave or can’t give you the happiness to your liking, then you’re out of luck

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While having a loving partner is a great feeling in the world, if you don’t have any love for yourself you kind of have a bit of a hole where that love should be. Having that hole can really put a damper on your life in times of trouble.