Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships – Heal your inner child wounds

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Tia Lynn

Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships – Relationships and how they bring up Inner Child Wounds

What you were brought up with, raised with and around shapes your reality

The sky is blue the sky is blue

What if it’s just a name we decided to call the sky and we just made it up. What if it’s not actually blue?!

That challenges many people, wait what?! What do you mean? That feeling that confusion that what you’ve been told your whole life isn’t fact is cognitive dissonance

Since I was little I challenged my beliefs.

It started when I went across the country to 7 countries and saw so many different cultures and religions and I just couldn’t believe that my beliefs and what I was raised with was better than these people. Why was I right?

Well I did that with all areas of my life.

I challenged all the…

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