Your intimate relationship with yourself is extremely important and should be nurtured prior to nurturing other relationships

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Intimacy offers a way for humans to connect authentically, and our authentic selves should not be limited to experiencing intimacy with a sole romantic partner. Expecting one relationship to fulfill every type of intimacy we crave is the emotional manifestation of putting all of our intimacy eggs in one basket. Developing intimacy in every relationship we have, beginning with ourselves, can fulfill our needs and desires in a way that doesn’t place responsibility for intimacy solely on our romantic partners.

Not everyone who is a friend listens; but anyone who listens to you intently when you’re in a conversation with them, is a friend

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When you’re in a conversation with someone that matters to you, you can’t be all over the place doing several different things while they are talking to you. Would you want them to do this when you’re talking to them? You want to have their focused attention, don’t you?