I am looking forward to getting to know A and to becoming good friends with her

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This new information is not going to stop me or make me change anything, as personally, I shouldn’t have to please anyone. I should be doing what makes me happy and if that’s getting to know my new neighbour then so be it. It’s causing me to have conflict and I hate that. It’s almost like having to choose between someone who was never that bothered about me to someone who would like to get to know me and me also get to know them.


If you rely on someone else for your happiness, if they leave or can’t give you the happiness to your liking, then you’re out of luck

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While having a loving partner is a great feeling in the world, if you don’t have any love for yourself you kind of have a bit of a hole where that love should be. Having that hole can really put a damper on your life in times of trouble.


Honor those relationships [with the people I cared most about] with respect, honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness

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And admitting wrongs and making amends when we fall short and hurt those people in ways big or small, no matter how humbling that may be.


It’s a red flag for me when someone is not inclined to maintain relationships with their former lovers

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It certainly doesn’t bode well for us, considering that most romantic/sexual relationships end.


I will always have eggs in the fridge and an old fashion on hand as a thank you for being a faithful man of God and brother

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It makes me think about the garden of Eden—how God made Adam, and then Eve. He made them to connect and enjoy each other, but He made them distinct and different, too.