I am far less comfortable criticizing another woman than I am criticizing a man


I came up with a list of traits I’ve often observed in women (including myself on occasion) that are quite toxic- to ourselves & to others. Seeing as people usually accept criticism best from their own “kind,” I thought it would be more productive to write about this issue, especially since it’s one that is rarely addressed. And when it IS addressed it’s usually couched entirely around the concept that it’s all men’s fault & often focuses on other behaviors that I think are already fairly well addressed- or at least acknowledged- by feminism & society in general nowadays.


After a fight, it is important to know your mistakes so that you will be able to avoid committing the same mistake

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Despite having big fights, in the end, I always want to be with my Bubba. I wish I was there with her to hug and kiss her because I know how stressful and sad our fights are. I’d wish for her mental strength to improve but I know my Bubba can overcome anything that comes to her and I want her to know that I’ll always be here as her husband and best friend. I’m sorry for the fights and I also want her to know that I never doubted our relationship. I’m with her from day 1 until we grow old. No matter what happens. I love you so much Bubba and I know we will make it. I’ll see you soon! I love you always! ❤


As I write this, I still have that glimmer of hope

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I still love you. I love you enough to not want to hurt you more than I have to. I’d rather have you think of me as a villain, as a dodged bullet. At this moment, I want you to hate me so much, because even though I know it’ll probably hurt you to not have me in your life anymore, thinking of me as evil will make it easier for you to move on. Hate comes easy. Hate is simple. You’ll hate me, you’ll learn your lessons, and you’ll get on with your life.


If I look beautiful in it, I will keep it :)

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… that’s the first criteria! 😀

“Infidelity — How to raise relationship with Freedom, Beauty and Truth – Ngoại tình Part 3 / 4” ( @ 14:10) [ https://ultimate-freedom.net/2022/10/31/infidelity-how-to-face-it-in-truth-freedom-and-beauty ]