Let’s fix this, I don’t want to lose you

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Date the person that doesn’t have to leave yo find out the grass isn’t greener without you. That hit hard. Anything less to me is a waste of time. I dont want to flex on a dude just to start over in a couple months.


Honor those relationships [with the people I cared most about] with respect, honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness

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And admitting wrongs and making amends when we fall short and hurt those people in ways big or small, no matter how humbling that may be.


I will always have eggs in the fridge and an old fashion on hand as a thank you for being a faithful man of God and brother

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It makes me think about the garden of Eden—how God made Adam, and then Eve. He made them to connect and enjoy each other, but He made them distinct and different, too.


Allow yourselves to be a part of each other’s lives and lifestyles because nothing matters more than understanding someone’s way of life because that can either make you or break you as partners

I don’t believe that males and females can be just friends without something having been there or someone wishing circumstances were different and I always tell this to my boyfriend I am very uncomfortable with him having a deeper understanding and connection with his female friends then that he has or could ever develop for me. Now I cannot say society has influenced this feeling/decision but it has been experiences and that for me is an opinion that no one can change and one that I influence upon society because of the lack of mental and emotional relationships between partners.